Supplemental Figure 1. Comparison of genes highly expressed
in GI segments with the other genes represented on the mouse
GEM1 microarray in various mouse tissues. Tissues represented
in our mouse gene expression database are grouped by type along
the horizontal axis. Expression levels of genes (fold difference
compared to the whole P1 mouse reference sample) in these
tissues are represented by red or blue lines. Red lines correspond
to genes highly expressed in adult mouse GI tissues (571 cDNAs with
2-fold or greater increases in expression relative to reference of their
corresponding genes in replicate hybridizations for one or more of the
seven adult GI tissues). Blue lines indicate levels of expression of the
remaining 8,067 cDNAs represented on the arrays. CNS, central nervous
system; S/E, skin, hair, and olfactory/nasal epithelium; Sy, synovial;
Im, immune; M, male reproductive; F, female reproductive; Ma,
mammary; E, endocrine; Ht, heart; K, kidney; Mu, muscle.
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Supplemental Figure 1

Supplemental Table

Supplemental Table. cDNAs expressed 2-fold or higher relative
to reference in any adult GI segment. Table shows Incyte and
GenBank accession numbers, identities, level of expression (as
log2 ratio relative to reference) in the tissue(s) where highly
expressed, and the location of each cDNA in Figures [Figures] 1,
2, 3, and 5. PDF 571 data.pdf HTML 571 data.html